There are over 100 images of Mary's art on the DVD - including those in the book and approximately 60 more that were not printed.

Mike Furbee has also created a 55-minute  soundtrack to the DVD.  
It includes 19 of his original Celtic/Appalachian, jazz and folk-rock tunes 
written over the past 25 years. He recorded the music with several friends from throughout 
the eastern U.S. who had performed together in the past
 with such groups as Hickory Wind, The Frothy Band and Curmudgeon.  

These are MP3 samples.You will need to have an MP3 player on your computer
and they may take some time to download. 

Mary's Tune
The Visit
New Green
Rest in Peace
Whistlin' October (From Curmudgeon)
Gypsy Cowboy
Locked Inside (From Curmudgeon)
Jenna the Kid
Bacon and Potatoes/The Worried Man
Ramsey's Draft
Lost Boys


The Mending Hand

Potomac Polka

September Reel (From Curmudgeon)
January Thaw
The Fevered Child