About the author:

Mary worked as a writer, editor, author, television producer and University instructor for nearly 20 years. At the time of her death she taught journalistic writing and beat reporting, half-time, at the West Virginia University School of Journalism and wrote children’s books and an occassional article.

Most of her children’s books are nonfiction biographies of women in American history. Titles include Outrageous Women of Colonial America, Outrageous Woem of the American Frontier, Outrageous Women of Civil War Times, Women of the American Revolution, Wild Rose; Nancy Ward and the Cherokee Nation, Anne Bailey: Frontier Scout and Shawnee Captive: The Story of Mary Draper Ingles.

She had also written lots of nonfiction articles and columns over the years, mostly about social and environmental issues or historical and cultural subjects. These pieces have appeared in the Washington Post, Stars & Stripes, Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Progressive, Goldenseal, Now and Then, and other newspapers and magazines. Mary also wrote a travel guide for adults several years ago called The Complete Guide to West Virginia Inns.

In her spare time, she liked to read, walk in the woods, swim in the river, hang out with my husband Mike and daughter Jenny, and get together for potluck picnics with my large extended family. She was the unofficial "games coordinator" for her family. In that role, she would lead rousing games of charades, pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and noodle ball.

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